Combo #289 (Kent Kangley)

By on November 16, 2014
Lens:  Burke 
Film:  Shilshole 
Flash: off


"As a Native Seattleite, I was excited when the Ballard HipstaPak was released. Ballard is a wonderful little neighborhood that was actually an independent city until it was annexed by Seattle in 1907. Ballard is known for its strong Scandinavian heritage and fishing industry. There are many small businesses that support the fishing industry in Ballard, from many shipyards to small engine repair to canvas supply to a 4-story tall hardware store. Ballard is also home of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, known simply as the Ballard Locks to the locals. The Locks allow ships to travel between Puget Sound and Lakes Union and Washington. The Locks are also the home of a beautiful botanical garden and a fish ladder that allows migrating salmon to bypass the Locks.

Ballard's close proximity to Seattle's downtown core is changing it from a sleepy little working class neighborhood to a bedroom community for wealthy Seattleites. Small businesses and buildings are being replaced by high rise condominiums on an almost daily basis. High rise cranes tower menacingly over the neighborhood, but it's not hard to find the heart of old Ballard. Funky little shops and easy-going natives with names like Olesson and Blomqvist can still be found if you care to stray from the main thoroughfares. Yuppies may move in, but they'll never erase the heart of Ballard for anyone willing to look."
Kent Kangley

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