Combo #389 (Lee Atwell)

By on September 1, 2015
Lens:  Gregory 
Film:  Love 81 
Using: Oggl


"The Summer Drought"

"This summer has set records for days of above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation, and has been classified as a 'drought'. Many are referring to the Pacific North West as now being 'California North' and the weather has been great for all outdoor recreational activities with people flocking to local parks by the sea to find reprieve from the heat.
Unfortunately, as a result of the intense heat and lack of rain, there are many record setting forest fires currently burning on the east side of the Cascade mountains - destroying homes, the livelihood of many, and thousands of acres of landscape - habitat for birds, insects, reptiles and animals. Many plants and trees in local gardens are struggling to survive in the drought - even the sunflowers are wilting.
There were a few days when the smoke from the east was settling here on the west side of the mountains creating a very eerie orange glow in the atmosphere - especially at dawn and towards dusk. These photos were taken during this time, and some show the intensity of the orange smoke in the atmosphere. We had one day of heavy rain a few weeks ago - and it was a celebration to be able to walk in the rain and breath the moist air.
Gregory Lens and Love 81 Film highlight the orange tinge to the smokey atmosphere and hot, dry conditions."

Lee Atwell

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