Combo #437 (Lee Atwell)

By on February 22, 2016
Lens:  Dee 
Film:  Rasputin 
Using: Oggl


"Sometimes the way is uncertain, and, sometimes that feels like being home.

The weather at home in the Pacific Northwest has been particularly wet with record rainfall this winter - so many days of cloudy weather and lack of sunlight. My husband Brooke and I escaped to the desert region of Palm Springs in California to find some much longed for sun and warmth. These photos (including two of his using my iPhone) were from hikes in the Indian Canyons area and also Joshua Tree National Park. The Indian Canyons lie nestled at the foot of the Jacinto Mountains where the oasis of indigenous palm trees that line the river provide cool shade from the heat of the desert sun. The trail follows the river to where the terrain becomes too steep to continue, and a beautiful waterfall cascades into naturally formed pools below.
In contrast, approaching Joshua Tree National Park from the south takes you through the high desert plateau of the Mojave Desert. The open and arid landscape that stretches for as far as the eyes can see, seems to reflect the inner self - a feeling of inner expansiveness and peace, where the troubles that seemed to be heavy on the mind, somehow begin to feel insignificant.
While hiking amongst the unique rock formations, the quiet is immense and the desert vegetation, that has learned to survive in such an extreme environment, surreal. Spending time in both areas is truly a magical experience.

I chose the Dee Lens and Rasputin Film to highlight the beauty of the desert colors and to add a retro feel to the photos."
Lee Atwell

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