Combo #461 (Angelique Manchanda-Peres)

By on May 25, 2016
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Triple Crown 


"Madalena weds Love 81 in Bangalore, India."

"I have always liked how Madalena works in bright sunshine, so I was curious to try it out in India where there's sunshine 365 days of the year... well, almost. Anyway, the lens didn't disappoint and I was pleased to see how it coaxed the image to brighten its pinks, reds, blues and greens while at the same time, draping it in a gossamer haze of violet. I paired it with Love 81 because the film is gritty and grainy, just like India!"
Angelique Manchanda-Peres

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