Combo #524 (Rhonda Rogers Baumgartner)

By on May 2, 2017
Lens:  Dale 
Film:  Indio 
Flash:  Juicy Orange Gel (60%) 
Clarity: 27 • Definition: 40 • Highlights: -58 • Shadows: +58 • Vibrancy: +100
(The combo can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)


"I was immediately drawn to the Dale lens and had fun pairing it with other films as I took it along for a couple of sunny spring days in DC. This combo (a fellow Hipsta shooter commented on this shot as 'United Colors Of Hipstamatic' which I loved!) really gave me the pop I wanted."
Rhonda Rogers Baumgartner


This combo is available for download.
More information about this function can be found in this tutorial.

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