Combo #579 (Sebastian Oskar Kroll)

By on November 27, 2017
Lens:  Florence (80%)  
Film:  Rock BW-11 (25%) 
Flash:  Apollo (30%) 
Clarity: 40 • Definition: 15 • Highlights: -10 • Shadows: +25 • Vibrancy: +20 • Face: 30
(The combo can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)



"Berlin shouts in your face! It shows its wounds but never forgets to smile. You will only get to see it when you look twice though. Berlin challenges you and the pictures you take of it; she will question you if your pictures are too exaggerated or too dull. Berlin never grows up. Simply because it doesn't want to. And it doesn't need to. Berlin is colorful. Berlin is dirty. Berlin breaks down walls. Berlin is the third gender. Berlin is Berlin. More "Mutterstadt" than "Vaterland". Dear Berlin, Ich liebe Dich - I love you!

This Combo (Tellusborg) was created by Marc Zetterblom. Thanks for that! I'd love to use it in Classic mode. Hopefully Hipstamatic will enable us to do so one day."
Sebastian Oskar Kroll


This combo is available for download.
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