Combo #78 (Tammy George)

By on February 4, 2013
Lens:  Tejas 
Film:  GS-0 
Flash: Varies

"I first became familiar with this combo when choosing it as a combo for the Hipstaroll community several weeks ago. Tejas has been a favorite lens for me since it first released as part of the SXSW FreePak. It's warm tones and friendly vignette provide a very vintage, gently aged look to your images. Keep in mind that the more light you have, the heavier the vignette will be. As for the film, I know many people are not a fan of the circular frame that GS-0 uses, but myself... I am a huge fan. I take my cue from it's simple geometric form and aim my camera at shapes. And don't be afraid to shoot the same object from a few different angles. It is a good creative exercise to literally think outside of the square box and try to see the world in a round frame.

My thoughts on flashes with this combo: adding a slice of Laser Lemon Gel to your piping hot cup of Tejas will mellow things out, softening the colors. I've noticed that even on the soft setting of a gel flash, the vignette remains about the same. And speaking of vignettes... the Tejas vignette + the circular frame of GS-0 is an odd mixture. You end up with slices of the vignettes on the "edges" of the round. Depending on your image, it will appear to "square-off" the photo. And depending on the subject matter, this may or may not be desirable. If you wish to enhance the vignette and saturate the colors to even deeper shade, then I would recommend using Jolly Rainbo 2X on the soft setting."
Tammy George

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