Combo #85 (Heather McAlister)

By on February 25, 2013
Lens:  GSQUAD 
Film:  Big Up 
Flash: off

"Big Up film plus GSquad lens, what can I say but contrast, contrast, contrast! It’s a fantastic combination for bold landscapes/architecture, close-up details, and in your face graphics. For those moments when I wanted to soften up the combo and tone down the strong lines, I sought out mono-toned subjects, played with light vs. shadow and experimented with multi-exposure. When lighting was an issue, the Pop Rox flash didn’t detract from color or clarity. Of course, we have the bold graphic border to contend with as well. To be honest, I took multiple shots of the same scene to see which border would accent my vision the best. I was usually pleasantly surprised by which combination worked (yellow/pink vs white/black vs straight yellow).
To achieve this Multi-Exposure image, I rotated the camera 180 degrees for the second image to soften the architecture and create a flowery, layered effect. It took a few tries to align all of the angles and get the center focus just right. Have fun experimenting!"

Heather McAlister

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