‘A city of Contrasts’ by Simon Heard

By on August 3, 2013

Name: Simon Heard
Hometown: Tamworth (England)
Resides: Hong Kong
Profession: Kindergarten English Teacher
Hobbies: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Mountain Running at night, Hiking, Cycling, Photography/Hipstography
Hipstographer Since: 2012
Year of Birth: 1986
Favorite Combo:  Melodie  +  Cano Cafenol 
Favorite Lens:  Melodie 
Favorite Film:  Cano Cafenol 
Favorite Flash: Aucun

"I have been using Hipstamatic for about 1.5 years and it has been hard to go back to DSLR's since. Using an iPhone and Hipstamatic has been a great way to record my travels around Asia. Carrying heavy expensive gear can be tiresome and can draw un wanted attention. For each country I have travelled to I have tried to use mainly one combination that I think fits the mood of that country. Living in Hong Kong, I use the city and nature as a testing ground for combinations. Hong Kong is very much a city of contrasts, rich and poor, skyscrappers and mountains, Old and New, Chinese ancestry and Western consumerism.
Old buildings sit along side Towering Skyscrappers before they are inevitably torn down to make room for more"

"I have always really enjoyed making collages using photos, I can't help it really. I really enjoy hiking, and when you are on top of that mountain, you can't but take every angle, the photo needs to be complete. I love making panoramics and without the specialist equipment to do proper panoramics I have always made mine using multiple photos.
I enjoy the process of blending the photos together to make it as one although with an SLR Camera, this process can be quite labour intensive. What I like about Hipstamatic is the way, especially with films that create borders, is that you can just drag and place each photo next to each other without worrying about it being 100% seamless. The end result is always very pleasing. With all of the non panoramic montages, these are always first attempts. I don't bother with trying to find the perfect blend, the order I place them into photoshop is generally the order they are made. Also, if i happen to use 24 photos for one collage then I will use all 24, even if some get hidden or are only slightly visible."

Simon Heard

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