‘Divas Unleashed!!!’ by Tom Choinski

By on June 12, 2013

Name: Tom Choinski
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Resides: Boston, Massachusetts
Profession: Computer Programmer
Hobbies: The Boston Gay Men's Chorus, Editor of Hipstamatic New England
Hipstographer since: 2009
Year of Birth: 1966
Favorite combo: Various, according to the situation
Favorite Lens: Various, according to the situation
Favorite Film: Various, according to the situation
Favorite Flash: Various, according to the situation

"For 31 years, the Boston Gay Men's Chorus has produced a Concert for Gay Pride Weekend. The theme for this year's production: 'Divas Unleashed!!!'. It was a musical tribute to Liza, Barbara, Whitney, Donna, and more.

Apart from singing, I also serve the Chorus as chief comedy writer. A year ago I was approached by the Music Director for production ideas. I wrote a two paragraph outline paying tribute to famous male divas. They loved it; however, they never went beyond the first two words of my proposal: Enter Liberace. It morphed into the show's centerpiece number, opening the second act. It climaxed with a duel between a grand piano and a marimba. The show closed with Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way', with 100 singers wearing fashion glasses and singing into hand-held mirrors.

My position on the creative team allows me to photograph our rehearsals a little more brazenly than the typical chorine. Shooting a live production has many challenges. No one is going to stop and pose. You can't get in the way. The lighting is a study in extremes: intense stage spotlights mixed with extreme darkness can drive an iPhone crazy. Focus and contrast were a constant struggle.

Because of the chaotic conditions, I selected Oggl to shoot with. While navigation and photo management were less than ideal, the ability to shoot now and apply filters later - mostly to counter exposure and contrast - was a godsend."
Tom Choinski

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