‘Get Dirty’ by Darren Hoffman (Portfolio)

By on January 17, 2013

Name: Darren Hoffman
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Resides: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Profession: Visual Communications, 20+ Years
Hobbies: Photography, Drumming, Hockey
Hipstographer since: March 2010

Favorite combo:
Lens:  John S 
Film:  Alfred Infrared 

"If I had to explain why I shoot so much street & graphic decay, I would say it's largely due to my profession as a print designer and creative director. Corporate advertising and visual communication doesn't typically lend itself to anything too edgy or gritty, and as a result, so much of what I design for clients is clean and minimal. Shooting anything faded, peeled, rusty or worn is a nice creative outlet and gives me the opportunity to 'get dirty'."
Darren Hoffman

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