‘Memory Twenty Two’ by Bill Newsinger

By on January 31, 2013

Here is a new video by Bill Newsinger, an English artist whose work I adore; his video clips are always extraordinarily beautiful and steeped in poetry. I discovered him by chance two years ago when he filmed merry-go-rounds using a Canon 7d, just for fun, but I found the result, "Revolution" utterly captivating.

Bill Newsinger has just published a new clip, which is also quite exceptional, and which is composed this time of approximately 4500 photos taken with Hipstamatic, and using the Tintype Snap Pak in particular (Tinto 1884 film, D-Type Plate film). It is totally mind-blowing!

The music used in Bill's videos is also his own work and available for free on soundcloud. Listen and marvel...

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