Photo of the day by Anthony Ozorai

By on August 22, 2014
Lens:  Yoona 
Film:  T. Roosevelt 26 
Flash: off


"In Oostduinkerke, a town located on the Belgian seaside, twelve households have been traditionally using strong Brabant horses to fish for shrimp. The mounted horses drag long nets as they walk parallel to the coastline, creating a really unique sight. You can imagine the strong bond of trust and respect between animal and man that must be reached to achieve that kind of collaboration. The shrimp fishing on horseback was inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.
I love to capture scenes from the Northern seaside, mainly in black and white. But Hipstamatic's recent Roosevelt film felt really appropriate, as it added a blue colour reminiscent of the Delft pottery, giving an extra Northern European classic vibe to the scene."

Anthony Ozorai


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