Photo of the day by Markus Andersen

By on May 24, 2013
Lens:  Watts 
Film:  US1776 
Flash: off

"The image was shot in Chatswood, a suburb on the north shore of Sydney. This area is busy with construction as it is being redeveloped with apartment buildings. It allows for good street photography as it has a myriad of dark recessed shadows and is awash with bright afternoon light.

I was not looking for an image, just walking slowly from the train station when I noticed a small woman enveloped in the shadows of the tall buildings. The lady was wearing a very large hat and was in an animated conversion with herself. As she began to emerge from the shadows and passed in front of a massive worksite I noticed a geometric composition forming; layers of buildings and the smooth site wall combined with the organic form of the subject. As the woman passed into my frame the hard mid-afternoon light struck and she began to raise a hand to shield her eyes and it was at at this moment I exposed a single frame.

In addition, the use US1776 film & Watts lens added to the image, as the enhanced grain and film style tonality gave necessary grit to the image."
Markus Andersen

This photo is part of the portfolio "Basic Instinct".

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