Photo of the day by Polina Sarri

By on September 22, 2016
Lens:  Anne-Marie (30%) 
Film:  Aristotle (40%) 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X (10%) 
Clarity: 70 • Definition: 20 • Highlights: -20 • Shadows: +50 • Vibrancy: -20 • RGB: modified • Temperature: 7500 • Vignette: 0


"There is such a thing as perfect timing. Facing this view of the beautiful city of Kavala, in the north of Greece, at dawn after the rain was stunning. I had no choice but to capture it and it is certainly a memory I'll always cherish."
Polina Sarri

This combo was created due to a Hipstamatic bug. More info about this bug on this page.

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