REMIX Grand Prize: Hans Edvardsson

By on June 13, 2014

Organic and botanical would perhaps be the simplest way to describe the January portfolio of Hans Edvardsson… but this masterful compilation is anything but simple. Every single photograph commences a dialog between the subject, the viewer, and the theme. Nuances of color and shape, active and static subjects, along with an experimental array of lenses and films all bear testament to the artistic vision and bold photographic interpretations of Hans Edvardsson. I invite you then to come along with me and linger a while longer as we finally conclude HipstaChallenge’s first contest with the Grand Prize winning portfolio of Hans Edvardsson’s January REMIX of Make Beautiful.
–Samuel Gasc, Creator & Curator of HipstaChallenge


Hans_Edvardsson_portraitName: Hans Edvardsson
Hometown: Stockholm
Current City: Stockholm
Profession: Medical student
Hobbies: Running, gardening and photography of course
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of Birth: 1974

Favorite Combo:  Burke  +  Cano Cafenol 
Favorite Lens:  Wonder 
Favorite Film:  Sussex 
Favorite Flash:  Pop Rox 

"When I saw the REMIX I thought that it would be a great opportunity to do a little retrospect of my recent Hipsta images. Very inspiring, I must say, and it gave me the same feeling as composing mixed music cassettes when I was a kid. I tried to stay on a path not too abstract and not too concrete either in order to get the right feeling in the series."
Hans Edvardsson


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