The Hipstography Awards 2015 – Nominees for Creative Combo of the Year

By on January 26, 2016

Which are your favorite 3 combos? You can vote for one of them, or two or three, it’s entirely up to you; the maximum, however, is three. Only one vote per person is allowed.

Due to the large number of photos, loading the various series can take a few minutes, so we kindly ask that you be patient and give it a moment to load before continuing.

Voting for this category will end on Friday January 29th.


Combo #328 (Beatriz Sene)

Lens:  G2 
Film:  Blackeys Extra Fine 
Flash: off


"This series is about the possibilities of everyday life. As my daily routine is basically always the same, I noticed that the images of my everyday life started to fall into a visual pattern too. However, boredom sometimes throws us into an awful level of consciousness and since it is not about the situation, but about the emotion, I tried to give a different look and aesthetic to my usual space. I believe that mobile photography allows us to constantly register our surroundings, mainly because it's easy to shoot at any time and the apps, like Hipstamatic, bring a new dimension to the ideas of Flusser: according to whom the photographer is much more than merely a camera operator; he is an artist who uses it as an instrument to highlight his or her subjective view of the world." Beatriz Sene


Combo #346 (Erode Presso)

Lens:  Salvador 84 
Film:  Uchitel 20 
Using: Oggl


"Imaginary journey between the sea and the mountains in the North of Italy. I have always had a soft spot for the dreamlike quality of the Salvador 84 lens and paired with the Uchitel film it become more pictorial. I personally prefer using Oggl when I’m in Salvador mode as it allows me to better control the randomness of this lens." Erode Presso

Combo #369 (Polina Sarri)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Manneken 
Flash: off


"What better location to try this combo than Semiramis, a hotel designed by cultural shaper Karim Rashid. Absolutely everything is a feast for the eyes, particularly the bright organically shaped furniture alongside the collection of contemporary art. The Eric/Manneken combo brings out the vivid colours and suits the power of pop culture perfectly, so I had no second thoughts regarding the combo I should use. Eric is a lens filled with positive energy and Manneken a film reminiscent of the Polaroid era, therefore a winning combination to convey the feeling and the memorable experience of a place like this. The combo, as well as its separate elements, was love at first sight for me. I bet it will become a popular choice among you also. Enjoy!" Polina Sarri

Combo #378 (Sabine Gromek)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Blanko 
Flash:  Cadet Blue Gel 

"Vegetable Abstract"

"The Botanical Gardens in Vienna are right in front of my house. So, naturally I spend quite a lot of time there. Besides trees and flowers, they also have all sorts of vegetables. Upon closer inspection they reveal wonderful colors and patterns. The combo Eric/Blanko/Cadet Blue Gel brings those out beautifully." Sabine Gromek

Combo #396 (Cara Gallardo Weil)

Lens:  Hannah 
Film:  Otto 
Flash:  Standard 
Clarity: 23 • Texture: 50 • Vignette: 50
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 


"Sapporo is the fourth largest city in Japan by population and is the largest city on the island of Hokkaido. I wanted to capture the energy of the city at night and the double exposure option seemed to be the perfect tool. With Hipstamatic 300, I was able to play around a little with values and the vignette, and settled on the Hannah lens and Otto film combo. This combo worked well with the scenes in the subway, as well as the snowy streets above ground." Cara Gallardo Weil

Combo #404 (David Superfly)

Lens:  Mark 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash:  Laser Lemon Gel 


"This combo, in my opinion, gives a timeless feel to all these Parisian scenes, that I will never tire of. Ernest Hemingway once said: "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." David "Superfly"

Combo #409 (Ger van den Elzen)

Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Mount Royal 
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 


"This multiple exposure series was shot in The Netherlands & Belgium. The combo used here is Jane lens and Mount Royal film. This combo adds contrast and saturation to the images, without losing that vintage look. Different light conditions and time slots were used to create this series. You might call it 'from dusk till dawn'." Ger van den Elzen

Combo #410 (Michaela Meerkatz)

Lens:  Florence (50%) 
Film:  Love 81 (83%) 
Exposure: -0.0 • Clarity: 25 • Definition: 8 • Highlights: -21 • Face: 6 • Tint: OR • Vignette: 12


"Yesterday morning I went out to walk my three dogs with the firm intention of shooting along the way, and to find a very soft combo for a wintery mood. But as you can easily see here, I didn't succeed at all: although it has also become cold here in central Italy, the sun is still too strong and the colours are still too vivid to dim down with a pale combo... or I'm simply not able to... But pairing Florence with Love 81 film and playing with the settings in Hipstamatic 303, I found a combo which satisfied my melancholic bent as well as my joy of celebrating autumnal colours, and the painterly touch of these images. If you try this combo please tag me, I'm super curious to see your way of using it!" Michaela Meerkatz


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