The Hipstography Awards 2017 – Nominees for Street Photography Combo of the Year

By on January 20, 2018

Which are your favorite 3 combos? You can vote for one of them, or two or three, it’s entirely up to you; the maximum, however, is three.

Only one vote per person is allowed.

Voting for this category will end on Tuesday January 23.


Combo #526 (Ilana Buch Akoundi)

Lens:  Müller (18%) 
Film:  Bream 
Flash:  Triple Crown (42%) 
Clarity: 2 • Highlights: -77 • Shadows: +71 • Vignette: 29


"Living in New York City affords ample opportunity for pursuing one of my greatest passions, street photography. It's still rather amazing to me how much of our lives are recorded on social media; I can go onto my Instagram account and see exactly when I started taking street photos, and most of my work is in black and white. Ever since Hipstamatic introduced the Coleford HipstaPak, I've been experimenting more and more with color, and loving it. For this series, I wanted a combo that would really hop up brightness and color yet, remain realistic enough in order to capture what was essentially my daily New York. Utilizing the Muller lens with the Bream film and fiddling with the settings in the awesome Editing Suite, I found a combo I felt suited the 'larger than life' feeling you get when walking down the streets of the Big City."
Ilana Buch Akoundi


Combo #537 (Anita Elle)

Lens:  Dale 
Film:  Bream 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 


"There are two dominant colors in this combo: blue and red. I’ve therefore been keeping a close eye on all objects or clothing that might be red, to enhance the blue skies and the Parisian architecture. I got as close as possible to the subject to emphasize the textures of the clothing, as well as the man in the background. As a matter of fact, this combo is almost a hymn to France: red, white and blue!"
Anita Elle


Combo #544 (Nikolashin Vladislav)

Lens:  Dale 
Film:  Bream 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 


"Summer has not been kind to the European part of Russia, this year; for every nice, warm day, we got three cold, rainy days… I love street photography and, to raise my spirits, I went looking for combinations of deep red and blue."
Nikolashin Vladislav


Combo #546 (Stephen Littrell)

Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Apollo 
Exposure: +0.2


"Madalena, Love 81, Apollo. A combination that provides a dark, brooding canvas for capturing pensiveness and solitude and yet, one from which bright, lively colors can jump out at the viewer."
Stephen Littrell


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