Shake it up!

By on April 3, 2016

The Tai Hang HipstaPak that was released last Friday includes a lens, Chan and a film, Kowloon 1839, which sports a rather prominent frame. Like most of these types of films, Kowloon 1839’s frame comes in a multitude of varieties and it’s the randomness that will determine the end result.

As mentioned in this tutorial, you can preview the different variations. All you need to do is go to Pro Mode, select the film and shake your iPhone. You will need to do this repeatedly in order to see the different possibilities.



Here’s an example of the variations offered by Kowloon 1839:


Or some variations offered by Reeta from the Helsinki HipstaPak.


This function can also be applied to some of the lenses that have "light leaks" or flashes like the Triad Gel.


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