Florence, Initial reactions

By on October 5, 2013

florence_lens Since yesterday morning, the Long Island HipstPak is available on Hipstamatic Classic and Oggl.

What are the first reactions to Florence? I asked the opinion of some hipstographers...


Mike Rosales

"I started toying with the new Long Island HipstaPak this afternoon and to be honest, I am having mixed feelings about it, as the Florence Lens reminds me of G2 Lens, albeit a little darker and sharper. However, pairing it with BlacKeys Extra Fine is a killer! I am pretty sure street photographers who do tons of light and shadow play will love this combo."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Robusta  • Flash:  Juicy Orange 



Ger van den Elzen

"What I really love about this new HipstaPak is the fact that this Florence lens seems to capture more than the previous lenses. Furthermore, the contrast in these black and white images is strong. This package delivers just the powerful black and white images that I want."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Blackeys Extra Fine  • Flash: off



Patricia Truchsess von Wetzhausen

"I was curious to try out Florence but all I had was a rainy, dark forest and a half an hour to walk my dog. I am very happy with Florence, it truly captures all the lovely autumn colors - rich but soft and very suitable for Robusta with it's burned edges... In fact, the warm tone beautifies these rotten leaves a lot!"

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Robusta  • Flash: off



Roger Gilbert (venomator from mobitog.com)

"First impressions - very contrasty combination holding good detail and range, although it seems to blow highlights even at the slightest opportunity! One thing I would recommend - do not use Flash, it gives a weird blobby effect in either half of full modes..."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Blackeys Extra Fine  • Flash: off



Lori Hillsberg

"I believe Robusta is the new black. It just goes with everything. I love this combo. It's perfect for the autumn season here in the East Coast. This will definitely be in my roll."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Robusta  • Flash:  Juicy Orange 



Gina Costa

"I adore this new Hipstamatic combo, and I suspect I will be using and exploring its potential for some time. I like the rich effects especially for street photography. I especially like the no-effect aspect of the Florence lens. It partners so well with the precise image quality that the BlacKeys Extra Fine grain effects gives us. The deep exposure quality of the film is perfect with the precision of the Florence lens."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Blackeys Extra Fine  • Flash: off



Matthew Wylie

"As Tom Choinski has already stated quite appropriately, you definitely see variants of Jane/Diego. I wasn't all that impressed with its compatibility with the B/W films, which I prefer, but I think it will work well enough when subjects are situated against solid backgrounds of monochromatic and/or muted hues or colours. The Florence lens transmits colour of low(er) saturation, and works nicely with a film like Robusta (I've liked it with Ina's 1982 so far as well). It should be a pleasant lens for Still Life photos, among other forms/modes I am sure."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Robusta  • Flash: off



Thérèse Cherton

"After having downloaded the new HipstaPak, I really wanted to test-drive it! As usual, I photographed what was at hand, that is to say: the orchid I have been cherishing for the past few months. I tested the new Florence lens with Robusta and a few different flashes. My favourite combo is as follows: Jolly Rainbo 2X but I also really like it with Dreampop and Cadet Blue Gel.

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Robusta  • Flash:  Dreampop 



Richard Benes

"The new lens Florence left me pleasantly surprised. It has a good drawing of the whole surface of photographs. I appreciate the sharpness of the picture. There are no distracting noises. The resulting picture is clear. I really like the lens combined with color films Robusta, Sussex, Float, W40, and Sugar. Looks good with black and white photographs in combination with BlacKeys XF Film. Lens will be appreciated by photographers who do not want to experiment too much and would rather have a clean and sharp picture without noise. I'm sure it will be used very often for general photography."

Lens:  Florence  • Film:  Float  • Flash: off



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  1. MobiTog

    October 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    You have done an excellent job pulling this togther in such a short time Eric, well done sir, and big thank you to all your contributors for their very different insights to this new Pak, we see even Venomator got in on the act… :)

  2. Mark W

    October 5, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    does anyone also think the BLackeys AF does sharpening voodoo around the centre of the image? sometimes it almost seems a bit HDR as well? i love the combo florence/BKAF but not impressed with florence + any of the colour fims. just my pref.
    Mark W2

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