Hipsta New Year 2021

By on December 31, 2020

The end of this unsettled year also marks the beginning of a new year and that implies new resolutions. Every year we mention it, so for those who haven’t yet attempted this adventure, why not launch yourself into a Project 365? The concept is very simple; just take a picture every day and compile them so that you end up with an album of 365 photos.

We published a first article in 2017 where a number of hipstographers gave advice and tips in order to bring your project to fruition; many started back then and have continued to do so yearly ever since. Hipstography published another article offering tips and tricks, as well as reactions, about a year later. Really… it’s highly addictive.

In the same vein and despite the circumstances of this year, we’re pretty certain that you have been shooting fabulous pictures throughout this year. Why not compile your 30 best pictures and send us a portfolio? Thanking you in advance!

But, aside from all that, Hipstography hereby wishes you all a very Happy New Year! May 2021 be the most photogenic year ever!


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