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By on April 20, 2015

In 2011, Hipstamatic launched "Disposable", later called "D-Series", and it was an instant hit. The principle was simple: take a "roll of pictures", invite a few friends and, together, snap away.  Once you got to the end of the "roll”  (24 pictures, if I recall correctly), the album was shared among the users. You no longer had to send pictures around to everyone via email. Without going into too much detail, it turns out that Hipstamatic Disposable just wasn’t feasible from the server’s point of view and was axed in July 2012.

DSPO-sample-06The good news is that the project has been resuscitated under a different name and in a different shape. It is now called "Hipstamatic DSPO", or simply "DSPO" [pronounced Dis-po] and here is a general overview of the latest addition to the Hipstamatic family.

It is, in fact, a shared camera: you create a roll, you name it and then you choose a duration:  either 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours. You can then invite friends to join you in your project: they will be sharing the same "roll of film" you are using. Nobody gets to see any of the pictures until the set time runs out. That’s the fun of it! You could, of course, also shoot by yourself, but I can’t see that being all that entertaining.


You can add text, choose a look (clean, mono, vintage) and add an overall feel, such as "merry", "sad", "happy", "sexy" or "yummy". You also have access to a kind of narrative, like who is shooting under which circumstances, comments and locations.


Last week, I went to Dinant, in the South of Belgium, where I visited Miranda Castle with Therese Cherton. We decided to make a collective album and after 3 hours of shooting, we got to see the results. I have no complaints whatsoever; it’s a great souvenir of the day, and you really don’t even need to be in the same location: you could do it with a far-flung friend in New York, another in Paris, and even a third in Hong Kong!


DSPO doesn’t really have much in common with Hipstamatic Classic or Oggl, except for the Hipstamatic aesthetic that we have all grown to love. There are no filters or combos to speak of, but there is a personal – even private - touch to it all. So, here’s an app that can be used among friends during events, for instance, and, yes, Hipstamatic has once again graced us with a fun, creative and brilliantly executed application. Hail DSPO!

DSPO on the App Store.

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