The Hipstography Awards 2013

By on December 26, 2013

On December 29th 2013, Hipstography will celebrate its first anniversary! For precisely one year, the site has been paying homage to Hipstamatic, the most artful and unique photo application around, be it the Classic version or with Oggl. The past twelve months have been exciting, filled not only with interesting lenses, films, and flashes, but with a serious of passionate and incredibly gorgeous publications from fellow Hipstographers: more than 190 combos, 120 portfolios, 365 photos of the day, dozens of interviews, news and reports. A total of 5,000 photos, each unique and beautiful in its own way, shot all over the world, by thousands of users.

These fabulous photos were created, partly in thanks to the innovation and creativity of a small team based in San Francisco, whose work has radically changed the world of photography. What can we say about the creations of 2013? Hipstamatic has given us an incredible world tour with some wonderful equipment: The Silver Lake Hipstapak, The Sao Paulo Hipstapak, The Brighton Hipstapak, The Buenos Aires Hipstapak, The Seven HipstaPak, The Long Island Hipstapak and the latest addition straight from Korea, The Hongdae Hipstapak. And let’s not forget the Pak that everyone was waiting for but dared not imagine, The Photojournalism SnapPak, produced in collaboration with Benjamin Lowy.

The biggest surprise of 2013, without a doubt, has to be the release of a second app: Oggl. Hipstamatic’s little sister – Hipstamatic itself having been renamed Hipstamatic Classic – has flipped the rules upside down and allows Hipstamatic users more flexibility but, above all else, it introduced a new way of sharing our photos through an extended network of passionate users.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the site and, more importantly, to honor Hipstamatic, we are organizing the very first Hipstography Awards! A panel of professionals and specialists will have the task of, initially, selecting the best pictures or series published on the site. Then, the public and several members of the jury will decide on who wins each specific award. Here are the guidelines:


All photographs, combos or series that were published since the launch of the site will automatically be entered into the Awards. The closing date is set for December 31st 2013; this means that it’s still possible to participate in the Hipstography Awards 2013, at least as far as the sections "Combos" and "Portfolios" go.

In order to submit your photos, the simplest way is to have one of your pictures published (about 12 per combo, and about 20 in a portfolio) on whichever page you choose: this can be a Facebook album, or Flickr, or even your personal site or page. All you need to do is send us a link via Hipstography’s contact page. It’s really important to separate the individual photos you’d like to submit and that you send me ONLY the link to that particular album. The closing date for entries is December 29th 2013.

Submission Rules & Restrictions

The rules are the same as those that govern the site in general: only photographs made with Hipstamatic Classic and Oggl will be accepted. Photos that were shot with another app but edited with Oggl ("post-processed" images) are not allowed. In order to verify the origin of photos, it’s required that you only send us the originals. You can find more information about all this on the FAQ page of the site.

There are three main categories to highlight the most beautiful creations of 2013: "The Grand Prizes Awards" will hand out 6 grand prizes to reward 3 portfolios and 3 combos. "The Major Prizes Awards" will be handed out for 10 photos in 13 categories. And finally, there is "The Gear of the Year" which will determine the best filters of 2013.

A. The Grand Prizes Awards

Monochrome Portfolio of the Year
Color Portfolio of the Year
Creative Portfolio of the Year

Monochrome Combo of the Year
Color Combo of the Year
Creative Combo of the Year

B. The Major Prizes Awards

Abstraction of the Year
Animal Photography of the Year
Architectural Capture of the Year
Landscape of the Year
Living Moments of the Year
Macro of the Year
Monochrome of the Year
Multi-Exposure of the Year
Performing Arts Capture of the Year
Portrait of the Year
Street Photography of the Year
Transport Capture of the Year
Waterscape of the Year

C. The Gear of the Year

Lens of the Year
Film of the Year
Flash of the Year
Pak of the Year

It is with tremendous joy that I am now able to reveal the composition of the jury for The Hipstography Awards 2013:

The jury will consist of world-renowned photographers
who have proudly associated their names with Hipstamatic lenses:

Ben Lowy
Ben Watts
Chris Hornbecker
Chiun-Kai Shih
David Loftus


They are Hipstamatic-users, pioneers in the field of mobile photography
and all do a fantastic job of inspiring users with their knowledge:

Daniel Berman
Marty Yawnick
Richard Koci Hernandez


They are journalists or specialists in all matters Hipstamatic:

Patrick Baz
Stéphane Arnaud
Severine Bourlet
Simone Muresu
Tom Choinski
Samuel Gasc


They are, in fact, Hipstamatic:

Lucas Buick
Ryan Dorshorst
Aravind Kaimal
Mario Estrada
Allan Bedford


I want to personally thank all of them, from the bottom of my heart, for having accepted to be part of this jury and I intend to introduce them to you in more detail, in another article.

Operation of the awards

First off, there are the nominations: as of January 1st 2014, for each category of the "Major Prizes Awards", the jury will have the challenging task of selecting 10 nominees. The results will be announced from January 26th; there will be 10 nominees for the best monochrome picture, 10 nominees for the best landscape, 10 for the best black/white picture, and so on.

The second part, the votes: the public will be asked to choose their favorites from each category among these nominations; this will happen between January 26th and February 2nd. The results of this vote will be added to a second round of jury votes, determining one winner per category.

The public will also be asked to choose your favorite lens, film, flash and Pak of 2013.

The third part is the actual Awards Ceremony. It might be a virtual happening, but it will be a ceremony nonetheless! The list of winners will be announced on February 6th. One winner per category will walk off into the sunset with a Hipstography Award!

Prizes and Partners

Several big names have agreed to participate in the event and the winners will be rewarded with a multitude of prizes... More information in a forthcoming article.


So... without much ado... Introducing: The Hipstography Awards 2013!

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