Oggl Me!

By on August 21, 2013

Finally! The Oggl galleries are now visible on the net! Simply add the user name to "oggl.me/" and voila.

Like in the app itself, you can find your own photos ("Captured"), those of other users that we liked ("Curated") or the summary of these two functions ("My Collection").

It is also possible to browse through the site: in the "Curated" section, for example, by clicking on a photo, you can find the owner's page of the photographer who did the photo that you curated and navigate in his own collection. You can not add photos to your collection here but this function would be available soon in my opinion.

Oggl is still a young application, it was released in May this year and it has not yet run its course but it is clear that Hipstamatic has a long-term vision for their latest app. Each update is a step in the right direction and I am convinced that in time, some updates will make this app one of the most creative and exciting in the field of photography.

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