The Cubism SnapPak

By on August 4, 2018

This month of August Hipstamatic is not suggesting a HipstaPak, but a SnapPak. This is the opportunity to answer that all-important existential question: what is the difference between a HipstaPak, SnapPak and FreePak?

A HipstaPak is the general name for a lens, a film and, sometimes, a flash. A FreePak is obviously a freebie from Hipstamatic, the proceeds of a GoodPak go to charity and a SnapPak is created with a specific photographic situation in mind, such as portraits or food photography. A RetroPak is a bundle of retired gear and make it available at discounted prices.


Before anything else, you will need to update Hipstamatic in order to start using the Cubism SnapPak. The 351-update is available as of today!

This month, Hipstamatic decided to deconstruct, then reconstruct your pictures in a rather strange way… This is down to two new lenses: Pablo Mark I and Pablo Mark II. The first cuts the image vertically and the latter reorganizes cubes to create a grid of images.


The Cubism SnapPak also contains a film, the Delaunay 1941, but having only seen a few images and not able to test the pak myself, I really can’t say much more. The ball’s in your park!


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