The Little Five Points HipstaPak

By on July 4, 2020

Little Five Points (aka L5P, LFP, Little Five or Lil ‘Five) is a district on the east side Atlanta, established at the beginning of the 20th century and which has become known for its alternative cultural flair. It is also the inspiration for the latest addition to the Hipstamatic catalogue: Brady, the new lens and Poncey 96, the new film.


Throughout my many years of using Hipstamatic, I’ve understood one thing and that is to not judge an element too quickly. Sometimes, our first impression of a new lens or film is one of utter disgust, but we learn later on that, in certain circumstances, it is actually great! This could well be the case with this new film. Poncey 96 is a tribute to the first picture to come off a 35mm roll of film: the one that seems burnt along the outer edge… I, personally, can’t see when I’d ever use it but I’m convinced that many of you will produce miracles. And that said, don’t forget to shake your iPhone (in Pro Mode, when you're choosing the film) to modify the effects produced by Poncey 96.

(Photos: Luke Beard)


The lens, however, already seems enticing… Brady adds subtle grain and saturation; in fact, it reminds me of the effect of Gotland, one of my favourite film. Hard to use, but ever so unique.

(Photos: Luke Beard)


So, more than ever, I await your pictures impatiently! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #Hipstography

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