The Off Function: focus on a brand-new function

By on September 26, 2015

Several tutorials have been published yesterday on Hipstography, specifically regarding the 4 main interfaces of Hipstamatic 300: Classic Mode, Pro Mode, The Editing Suite and the Library. You can access all of them via this section of the site (Manual -> Hipstamatic 300).

Chris-Hornbecker-301In one of these tutorials you’ll find information about one of the most brilliant innovations of 300, namely, the possibility to take pictures without having to choose a film or lens, you can find that in point 5 in the tutorial about the Editing Suite. The lens and/or film are basically switched off, so the picture is taken with the iPhone’s native camera.

And along those lines… I just published a picture by Chris Hornbecker, who as you might know, has a lens named after him, and is also the inspiration for the AO DLX and AO BW films. Incidentally, I published an interview with Chris when we did the "Always Shooting. Always On."-exhibition… For this picture, Chris used the Florence lens, paired with Cadet Blue Gel flash and no film in particular. New possibilities galore!

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