The Windhoek Hipstapak

By on March 7, 2020

After a few months in Asia, Hipstamatic is heading over to the southern African state of Namibia. More precisely, the Hipstamatic team takes us to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, although it has to be said that the inspiration for the tones of this new Hipstapak originated in the Namibian desert.


The Windhoek Hipstapak consists of a lens, Kutako and a film, Etosha 1907. On a side note, Hosea Kutako (1870 – 1970) was a political figure and Etosha is a national park created in 1907. Contrary to the last few paks, this one displays a truly vintage feel, particularly noticeable in the film with its frame reminiscent of Ina’s 1969; the other characteristic of Etosha 1907 is its half-tone vignette. The lens smooths out the tones and produces a palette of soft colors.


Judging by the first images we received, the two elements of this Windhoek Hipstapak complement each other perfectly but no doubt you will discover many more inspiring combinations! We’re really looking forward to discovering your creations… and don’t forget to add #Hipstography to all your photos.

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