The Zurich HipstaPak

By on May 4, 2018

Welcome to Switzerland! Even if Zurich is a very cosmopolitan city with 30% non-natives, you’ll need a lot of money to live there… It is, after all, the second most expensive city in the world, with Hong Kong barely ahead. Zurich is also the economic, financial, scientific and artistic center of Switzerland.


During this month of May, however, let’s just forget about present-day Zurich, as Hipstamatic drags us back to the Zurich of the forties. The film that comes with this Zurich HipstaPak, the BlacKeys 1942, is a black-and-white film with a vintage, weathered look. The lens, André, adds a high contrast and a dull saturation to your pictures.


Two new elements to test although, on first sight, this looks like a very promising pak… Before anything else, you will need to update Hipstamatic in order to start using the Zurich HipstaPak. The 343-update is available as of today! Your turn to play and show us what you come up with; don’t forget to shake your iPhone, especially for the film selection! We patiently await your pictures!!

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  1. Wade Moline

    May 4, 2018 at 10:35 am

    This by far is your best HipstaPak yet. Stunning photos. Just wow. The lens is great with any black and white film, and the film is great with any lens. Well done.

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