Combo #135 (Thérèse Cherton)

By on June 28, 2013
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 

"The São Paulo HipstaPak is thought to be too soft, lacking in crispness, with overall dessaturation, as though the photos were veiled. In my view these failings could all be remedied by using Jolly Rainbo 2x, as it darkens the image by adding a vignette.

Eric suggested using Madalena and Robusta with a flash. This immediately convinced me to use Jolly Rainbo 2x. Upon reflection, I decided I needed to go outdoors to take advantage of the natural light. So I went and lost myself in the countryside of Wallonia. Population density is high in Belgium. So it is hard to find wide-open spaces that aren't built up, in any case near Brussels. Except near the wind turbines. On the day when I went out, the weather was highly changeable. So I took my iPhone and raincoat and went wandering through the fields. Miraculously, it did not rain.

This combo is perfect for rendering the low, laden, dark pre-storm sky. Contrasts are well-defined without oversaturation, providing both depth and texture. Coming from Belgium, the land of Dotremont, Magritte and Delvaux, I love the surrealistic feel of these photos. The images ooze nostalgia. I am convinced by this combo; it is somewhat magic. I am adding it to my favourites and look forward to trying it in glorious sunshine. "
Thérèse Cherton

This combo is part of the series "Flash Effects with São Paulo".

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