Combo #476 (Marc Zetterblom)

By on July 21, 2016
Lens:  Florence (55%)  
Film:  Love 81 (55%)  
Flash:  RedEye Gel (48%) 
Exposure: +0.3 • Clarity: 12 • Definition: 15 • Shadows: +69 • Vibrancy: -60 • RGB: modified • Texture: 20 • Vignette: 0
(The combo can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)


"These photos were taken in southeastern Sweden. This specific area, called Österlen, could be considered the granary of my country. Fishery also used to be big here, but nowadays the old fishing villages are mainly inhabited by vacationers. It's a marvellous area with beautiful long beaches and rolling landscapes. For these shots, I used the Florence lens, the Love 81 film and the RedEye Gel. The lens desaturated the colours, while the film gave them a nice texture. Together with the gel I got the vintage look I was looking for."
Marc Zetterblom


This combo is available for download.
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