Combo #609 (Mario Estrada)

By on August 9, 2018
Film:  Irom 2000 
Flash:  Triple Crown (33%) 
Exposure: -0.5 • Clarity: 15 • Definition: 10 • Shadows: +50 • RGB: modified • Temperature: 5600
(This combo, Gorgias, can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)


"How can anyone communicate the idea of color by means of words since the ear does not hear colors but only sounds?” This quote by philosopher Gorgias (485-380 B.C.) sets the question of what is the best way to transfer a message. By using the Irom 2000 film and Triple Crown flash for this series, I tried to communicate the idea of Greece, as I perceived it during my stay.
This combo allows you to keep pure and clean images, without affecting the colors. The ideal combo for your holidays in Mykonos and Athens."

Mario Estrada


This combo is available for download.
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This combo, Gorgias, is part of The Hellenic Collection.
More information about the sixth Hipstography Collection can be found here.


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