Photo of the day by Lee Atwell

By on July 31, 2013
Lens:  Matty ALN 
Film:  US1776 
Using:  Oggl 


"Quiet Time"

"Living three hours drive and in another country from my elderly mother provides challenges in her care – especially when she is not well. My mom had suffered two strokes and other health challenges and was in the hospital for a week recovering. After she was back at her nursing home, I continued to stay with her so I could take special care of her during that time. To me, a big part of returning to wellness includes big doses of love, laughter, and providing her with activities she loves such as listening to music and singing songs.
Although the care-aides at her home are very conscientious, it doesn’t match the love she receives from her family when we are able to be there with her. However, I am particularly touched by Grace who takes the time to read to her when she visits. This photo captures a moment of loving compassion that felt quite palpable to me.
It can be a challenge to share such a personal photo, but the relationship they have is so precious and inspiring, I felt moved to share it."
Lee Atwell

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