Photo of the week by David Bithell

By on May 29, 2013
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  DC 
Flash: off
Using:  Olloclip 
Using:  Oggl 

"I've been interested in insect macro photography for a few years now. I've been using a Nikon DSLR with tubes and flash mounted to a bracket to get the best results. The only problem with it is the size and bulk of the kit, it's hardly pocket sized gear. Then I discovered the iphone. Although the iPhone macros aren't technically as good as a DSLR's, you learn to no longer be a pixel peeper and look at the whole picture.

When I got the new iPhone 5 and saw the excellent shots it took I invested in an Olloclip. It was the best money I've spent. Both the phone and Olloclip are always in my pocket so I rarely miss any shots now, even whilst I'm at work! I'm addicted, I've almost completely ditched my camera gear for a phone!

I get strange looks though when I'm crawling along the floor holding my phone and chasing a fly or beetle! This shot was taken with me on my knees up against a wall, the hoverflies had no intention of stopping even as the Olloclip was drawing nearer and nearer.

I can't wait to see how camera phone macros will grow over the next few years."
David Bithell

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