‘The Canadian Arctic and Greenland’ by Lydia Cassatt

By on December 4, 2017

Lydia-Cassatt-Maine-portraitName: Lydia Cassatt
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Resides: Brooksville, Maine
Profession: Artist, Photographer
Hobbies: Travel, yoga, walking, cooking for friends
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of birth: 1955

Favorite Combo: Too hard to choose only one
Favorite Lens:  Lumière 
Favorite Film:  Hackney 
Favorite Flash:  Apollo 

"These photos were taken on a trip to the Canadian Arctic Islands (Baffin, Devon and Ellesmere) and the West coast of Greenland, aboard the National Geographic Explorer this past August. It is a wild and vast place that has not been open to much travel and there were amazing photographic opportunities. I chose the combo of Gje Gje, Love 81 and Triple Crown to capture the midnight sun, the weather conditions and the ice floes and icebergs. It is majestic and fragile and I am grateful to have traveled there. "
Lydia Cassatt



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