The Hipstography Awards 2016 – Nominees for Landscape Combo of the Year

By on January 24, 2017

Which are your favorite 3 combos? You can vote for one of them, or two or three, it’s entirely up to you; the maximum, however, is three.

Only one vote per person is allowed.

Voting for this category will end on Friday January 27th.


Combo #434 (Sebastian Oskar Kroll)

Lens:  Ray Mark II 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Flash: off


"Exactly one year ago, I was on a road trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg, in South Africa. It was a very hot summer and I saw some beautiful places. For most of the pictures I used the Blanko 1 film: it's one of my favorites for nature shots in summer, because it makes the pictures look like old paintings. The Ray Mark II lens that I used for this series reflects the constant heat in the best way and wraps everything in warm and brown color tones. I'd like to travel this route again one day with Hipstamatic 300 on my phone, so I can make some more shots in other formats."
Sebastian Oskar Kroll


Combo #441 (Guido Cubo Quadro)

Lens:  Foxy 
Film:  Cheshire 


"I’ve always been fascinated by 'painterly effects', which is why I have taken a liking to the Cheshire film. I love the frame but the textured effect is a bit too strong to my liking, so I first did some testing. I edited a few pictures in Oggl and a few more with Hipstamatic 311 to soften the effects, and paired Cheshire with one of my favorite lenses, Foxy."
Guido Cubo Quadro


Combo #468 (Ger van den Elzen)

Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Love 81 (50%) 
Flash:  Triple Crown 
Clarity: 25 • Definition: 25 • Highlights: -50 • Shadows: +30 • Vibrancy: 10


"This series is an ode to the great Dutch landscape painters, back in the 17th century. Where they used brush and canvas, I use the iPhone 6s and Hipstamatic. Somehow the way of looking at things in nature is still the same and the final result sometimes looks like a 'digital' painting."
Ger van den Elzen


Combo #472 (Lydia Cassatt)

Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Robusta 
Clarity: 30


"It was difficult to pick a particular combo for my recent trip to Iceland. The light and weather change constantly and the palette can be quite somber, particularly in the fog and the rain. But, the greens are intensely green, almost fluorescent, especially against a darker sky, and I wanted a combo that would bring out these colors. Lowy captures those greens and Robusta is one of my all-time favorite films. I tweaked the clarity to 30, just enough to add a little more crispness. This is an extraordinary country, truly a photographer's dream. I shot with Hipstamatic Classic for the more intimate scenes and with Hipstamatic Pro to capture the great expanses of the landscape. "
Lydia Cassatt


Combo #485 (Lee Atwell)

Lens:  Helga Viking 
Film:  Blanko C16 


"The world turns softly
Not to spill its lakes and rivers.
The water is held in its arms
And the sky is held in the water.
What is water,
That pours silver,
And can hold the sky?
~ Hilda Conkling, 1920"

"This series was taken in the Yukon, Canada and in Washington State. The Yukon in northern Canada is a place of extremes and contrasts - long days of daylight in the summer, and long and frigid days of darkness in the winter. It is also a place to lose yourself and find your soul. My sister has lived in Whitehorse for the last 3 decades and I was fortunate to be able to visit her for a week in August where I spent time in the pristine landscape filled with lakes and rivers, as well as visiting a small town where the Tlingit First Nations people live.
The other photos in the series are in the Cascade Mountains and in the Columbia River area. Spending time in places such as these feels very sacred to me and helps to nourish my soul. Although I gravitate toward Hipstamatic’s black and white combinations, I adore how this app has incredible lens and filter combinations that help create specific moods."

Lee Atwell


Combo #490 (Stavros Dimakopoulos)

Lens:  Florence  
Film:  Daydream 
Flash:  Cadet Blue Gel 
Shadows: +24 • Vibrancy: +20


"This is a series of pictures made to replicate the vibe of old, shadowy memories. Florence Lens is responsible for the palette of desaturated colors, while Daydream Film adds a slightly blurry and cloudy effect. Cadet Blue Gel Flash with the increased vibrancy (+20) of this combo enhances the blue hues; yet the pictures have a matte feel and are not too bright, as the shadows are also augmented (+24). To ensure that the pictures have the desirable vague and hazy feel of an obscure memory, the depicted people are all either far from the lens or in the foreground but without revealing their facial details."
Stavros Dimakopoulos


Combo #493 (Marco Gianfranco Spampinato)

Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Ina's 1935 
Flash:  Apollo 


"Bosa, Sardinia is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The river Temo, which runs through the village, is what makes it unique and unforgettable. Thanks to the Hipstameeting Sardinia I was able to admire and take pictures with many great Hipstafriends."
Marco Gianfranco Spampinato


Combo #495 (Anita Elle)

Lens:  Diego 
Film:  Sussex 


"With this combo, I hope to share the fantastic ambience of this place, during these first days of autumn. Normandy in the fog, the shortening days and the melancholy feeling, but also, and above all else, the sense of freedom."
Anita Elle


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