The Hipstography Awards 2013 – Color Combo Nominees

By on January 26, 2014

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Combo #190 (Patricia Truchsess)

Lens:  John S 
Film:  Cano Cafenol 
Using:  Oggl 

"Taking pictures of landscapes on dark and foggy autumn days is a real pleasure for me! And in Germany we have plenty of those... I love to play with different combos and found that John S and Cano Cafenol is great to create mysterious atmospheres. Cano Cafenol darkened edges and its greenish sepia tone turns low light or back light motives into dramatic settings. The John S film bathes everything in green light, which darkens and frames the picture even more. I love to see how normal situations instantly turn into scary twilight scenes."
Patricia Truchsess


Combo #186 (Christiane Backer)

Lens:  Yoona 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Using:  Oggl 

"Hipstamatic, to me, was love at first sight. Every day I'm trying out different combos. I am, primarily, a picture editor, but with Hipstamatic I don't have to do anything - and I love it! My latest big love is the brand new combo, Yoona and Blanko 1! I often photograph landscapes, especially at the beach and the Baltic sea. This combo is perfect for it. It illuminates the picture in a special way and the texture gives it a wonderful vintage look. It almost looks like a surreal painting, which I really love."
Christiane Backer


Combo #184 (Lee Atwell)

Lens:  Diego 
Film:  W40 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 

"I love the Buenos Aires HipstaPak for the way it gives a desaturated look that reminds me of vintage photos - such as those that you might come across in an old shoe box hidden away in an attic .
I like the cool, purply-blue tones the Diego lens adds to a photo when it is combined with a color film. It's distressed textured effect reminds me of my most favorite pair of indigo jeans - worn and beautifully faded.
Adding the W40 film minimizes the desaturated effect, adds a deeper vignette border and emphasizes and deepens the blue tones, as well.
The addition of the Jolly Rainbo 2X flash seems to minimize the distressed effect and greatly deepens the blue tones while highlighting the contrasts of light and dark.
I like the diversity of this combo - indoor and out, in bright mid-day light as well as quieter dusk or morning light. These photos are from both Seattle and California."

Lee Atwell


Combo #169 (Sezgi Olgaç)

Lens:  Kaimal Mark II 
Film:  Float 
Flash: off

"When I first became a Hipstamatic user, I immediately fell in love with the Kaimal Mark II lens. Probably because the red tones reminded me of our old family photographs, which I saw when I was a child. This lens gives me a feeling of nostalgia and though it has rich red tones, I find it delicate and melancholic. Recently I wanted to try this beautiful lens with a film that I don’t use very often. Float film has the same yellow tones which again gives me a sense of nostalgia. And the dirty textured borders make me feel I am watching a scene from an old movie. I tried this combo on some of the classic Istanbul locations, Hagia Sophia, New Mosque and Golden Horn and I think it worked pretty well. I find Kaimal Mark II lens charming for other reasons too: because it was named after an Indian prince, it makes me dream of using it in its homeland. India is one of the places I want to see the most on earth and I hope one day I'll get a chance to try Kaimal Mark II to capture the beauty of India.."
Sezgi Olgaç


Combo #166 (Sezgi Olgaç)

Lens:  John S 
Film:  Blanko C16 
Flash: off

"This is a combo which puts my all-time favorite Hipstamatic lens John S and the brand new Blanko C16 film together. Rich tones of the John S lens are desaturated with the Blanko C16 film and this creates even a more romantic and mysterious result. You still have the rich greens and blues of John S and make it cooler with the magentas and nostalgic feel of the Blanko C16 film. This could be the Yin Yang of Hipstamatic! And I think it looks very good on Istanbul."
Sezgi Olgaç


Combo #162 (Annie Helmsworth)

Lens:  Tinto 1884 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash: off

"I had tested the Loftus lens with Robusta on a previous photo shoot of fun, old and classic cars (Combo #156). I had liked the results I had gotten, so a figured I'd give Robusta a spin with the Tinto 1884 lens (which btw if I ever bring a puppy into my dog team his name will be Tinto). I went in search of some more autos and started shooting, the results were fantastic, bright rich colors and soft edges and I was shooting in cloudy conditions with no flash. Still loving Robusta and I'm eager to give her a whirl with other lenses. "
Annie Helmsworth


Combo #154 (Elisabetta Caocci)

Lens:  Melodie 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash: off

"The combo 'Melodie/Robusta' gives a vintage 'sixties style' to your photos. I use it in particular for photos on the beach and open spaces in sunlight. It gives a slightly 'scratched' effect on the sides, created by the Robusta film, reducing the violet vignette typical of the Melodie Lens. The central part remains unchanged enhancing the warm colors and shadows."
Elisabetta Caocci


Combo #151 (Ken Liu)

Lens:  Roboto Glitter 
Film:  Float 
Flash: off

"This combo often surprises. No matter whether it's a sunny or rainy day, outdoor or indoor, it performs well. It gives a vintage feel and a japanese-style look. It gives the photo a moody tone."
Ken Liu


Combo #130 (Millo Salgado)

Lens:  John S 
Film:  Ina's 1935 
Flash: off

"The John S and Ina's 35 film is the perfect marriage to capture light and colors at its best. I have tried other combos but none of them works this well under the sun. It captures the water so clearly, it's almost like this combo gives texture to the water, the sand, and, well everything else!"
Millo Salgado


Combo #115 (Lee Atwell)

Lens:  Mabel 
Film:  Pistil 
Flash:  RedEye Gel 

"It was my yoga teacher’s 90th birthday and while spending time in California to celebrate the occasion, I visited Santa Cruz’s historic ‘Boardwalk’ to take photos. I love taking hipsta pics at this location that to me very much has such a vintage feel to it. The surfing culture permeates the atmosphere of Santa Cruz as well. It is world renowned for its great surfing and from before sunup to past sundown, surfers can be seen patiently waiting in the ocean for just the right wave to roll in.

When we first arrived in the late afternoon, it was foggy and the light was very flat making it difficult to find a lens / film combo that sparkled. I tried the weekly Hipstamatic Sardinia challenge combination (created by the super talented Simone Muresu), which was combining Mabel Lens with Pistil Filter. This combo with the fog and low light wasn’t very successful – until I tried the RedEye flash with it, which completely transformed the result.
Lee Atwell

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