Retro Weekend!

By on March 22, 2013

If you are a newcomer to Hipstamatic, it is highly likely that you don't have all the items you need (lenses, films and flashes).
So here is some welcome news that will positively make your weekend: Hipstamatic is launching its Retro Weekend, offering up 3 RetroPaks, including some limited edition items being made available for the first time. The article on RetroPak 3 is here.

And the news just gets better: each pak is on offer for the modest price of 0.89 euros/$0.99! Remember, this offer only runs this weekend. Here are the components of each RetroPak.

RetroPak One

DreamCanvas (film), Melodie (objectif), Salvador 84 (objectif) & Tejas (objectif)

RetroPak Two

Watts (objectif), Big Up (film), Lucas AB2 (objectif), Jolly Rainbo 2x (Flash), Susie (objectif), James (objectif), Rock BW -11 (film), Matty ALN (objectif) & Libatique 73 (objectif)

RetroPak Three

Americana (objectif), Wonder (objectif), G2 (objectif), Blanko Freedom13 (film), US 1776 (film), OG (film), RTV (film), RTV Shout (film), W40 (film), AO  DLX (film), AO BW (film) & Hornbecker (Lens)

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