RetroPak 7

By on July 17, 2015

And we have another RetroPak! It is the seventh by this name – and this pak contains 6 lenses, 6 films et 3 flashes. The current panoply on offer has been gleaned from the Yosemite, Dalston, Oakland, Toronto, Bushwick, and Versailles HipstaPaks.

Just to recap, a RetroPak gives you the opportunity to purchase a set of kit that you missed when it came out at a reduced price. It’s also an opportunity to catch up on for the new hipstographers


The pak's exact content is as follows:

Lenses: Muir, Benedict, Jack London, Le Allan, Hannah and Savannah

Films: Sequoia, Hackney, Telegraph, Queen West, Otto and Louis XIV Infrared

Flashes: Spiro Gel, Cubic Gel and Triad Gel

This RetroPak 7 is on sale for $1.99 this weekend only. It will then be sold for $4.99.

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