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Good news for Hipstamatic newbies and those who are missing a few key elements from the catalogue: RetroWeekend is upon us! And what that means, is that all 6 existing RetroPaks are available - this weekend only - for $.99/0,99 euros each! This really will only last throughout the weekend, so get it while you have the opportunity... Here are the elements of each RetroPak::

RetroPak One

3 lenses: Melodie, Salvador 84, Tejas
1 film: DreamCanvas


RetroPak Two

6 lenses: Watts, Lucas AB2, Susie, James, Matty ALN, Libatique 73
2 films: Big Up, Rock BW-11
1 flash: Jolly Rainbo 2x


RetroPak Three

4 lenses: Americana, Wonder, G2, Hornbecker
8 films: Blanko Freedom13, US 1776, OG, RTV, RTV Shout, W40, AO DLX, AO BW


RetroPak Four

5 lenses: Chunky, Diego, Doris, Mabel, Madalena
7 films: Blanko C16, Blanko Noir, Cano Cafenol, Dixie, Robusta, Sussex, Uchitel 20


RetroPak Five

5 lenses: Florence, Akira, Yoona, YUЯI 61, Ray Mark II
5 films: BlacKeys Extra Fine, Rasputin, Blanko 일, Irom 2000, Kodama


RetroPak Six

6 lenses: Burke, Sergio, Chivas, Lincoln, Bruno, Vincent
6 films: Shilshole, Maximus LXIX, Estrada 83, T. Roosevelt 26, Gotland, Rijks
1 Flash: Triple Crown


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