Showcase: Berlewen Jolixor, ‘Infinite Worlds of Everything Small’

By on July 11, 2016

After Florian Bilges' showcase called "Things of this Nature", Hipstography's next special guest is the absolute Queen of all things tiny, Berlewen Jolixor.

Berlewen Jolixor's warped universe, peculiar sense of humour and boundless creativity have ensured that her inventive and dazzling little worlds have found a permanent home within the Hipstamatic community.

We've therefore decided to bring all her work together on one section of the site called: "Infinite Worlds of Everything Small". You'll find all the series that were already published on Hipstography and we've also decided to republish the interview we did in May 2015, as well as her "User Tips #10: Creating depth of field".

The Showcase section, including the exhibition "Infinite Worlds of Everything Small",  can be found in the "Hipstographers" drop-down menu.

So, please be welcome in the wonderous "Infinite Worlds of Everything Small".


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