User Tips #10: Creating depth of field

By on July 7, 2016

Tip-10-Berleween-JolixorBerlewen Jolixor’s pictures are truly unique in their style: she uses Preiser miniatures to create a witty, imaginative and twisted little universe.  Her pictures, however, also make use of one of the lesser known, and rarely used, technical functionalities of Hipstamatic: the creation of depth of field.  It allows you to focus in on your subject, rendering it crisp and clean with an out-of-focus background.

Firstly, you will need to expand the viewfinder in Hipstamatic Classic. You can do this two ways: either double-click the screen, or press the "-" volume button on your iPhone.

In order to explain this process, Berlewen has chosen a frog as her subject.


If you’re trying to get a crisp image of the frog and a blurrier background, you need only put your finger on the frog, and hey presto, your frog will be crisp and clear whilst the background will be out of focus.


You can also flip it around and put your finger on the background, which will give you a blurry frog on a clean background.


To actually take the picture, you just tap the screen or press the "+" volume button on the iPhone.

Berlewen pointed out that the result is even more striking if the subject is close to the viewfinder; the minimum distance is about 8 cm.

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