The Edgewood HipstaPak

By on January 2, 2021

The first pak of 2021 is called the Edgewood HipstaPak and, with it, Hipstamatic takes us back to Atlanta. It marks a return to the city, which has already been highlighted with the Little Five Points HipstaPak, released in July of last year. We’re only moving neighbourhoods and the similarities between both are clear.

The Edgewood HipstaPak contains a new lens, the Mary Lou 22 and a new film, called Poncey BW. As the pak was just released, I haven’t had time to test these two new elements, but on first sight, it seems like you might have to play around with the parameters.


For example, Mary Lou 22 could benefit from a modification of the grain but also from a bit of tweaking of the texture, by playing around with the parameters. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, all you need to do is select the lens, touch the logo "texture" and play around with the two cursors.



The new film, the Poncey BW, is in fact the BW-version of the Poncey 96 from the Little Five Points HipstaPak. You apply the same principle with the effect "First of the Roll": with the analogue picture, the first photo was almost always incomplete or with "burnt" in certain parts. The same happens here but, if you aren’t a fan of this effect and you want to use a BW-film regardless, you’ll just need to select the film and delete the "frame".


Don’t forget to shake your iPhone (in Pro Mode, when you're choosing the film) to modify the effects produced by Poncey BW.


As always, we eagerly await your pictures! Do not forget the #Hipstography

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