The Hipstography Awards 2015: Open Call for Submissions

By on November 1, 2015

For the third year running, Hipstography will be celebrating the best pictures of the year, by organizing the Hipstography Awards 2015. This is also an opportunity, of course, to pay homage to the best photography app ever, Hipstamatic. This 2015 edition promises to be quite something, considering the impressive series we’ve already published since the beginning of January!


awards_2014_kipstakidThe rules remain unchanged: as of January 4th, a professional panel of jury members and specialists will initially select their favorite series or individual pictures.

After this pre-selection, it will be down to the public (you!) to vote. Your votes will then be added to those of the jury and, in February, the awards will be handed out during the ceremony.

It’s not too late to submit your pictures, so, as a reminder, here are the rules and regulations…


All photographs, combos or series published since January 1st 2015 will automatically be entered into the Awards. The same goes for those published in November and December.

Submission of pictures

Priority is given to combos and portfolios, and submissions will be accepted until December 4th. The simplest way to submit a series of pictures is to publish them (about ten or so) on whatever page you chose: it could be an album on Facebook or Flickr, or on your personal website or pages. You can then send us the link via the Hipstography contact page.

You can also tag your pictures on Instagram, Flickr or Facebook with #hipstography.


Rules & Restrictions

Only pictures taken with Hipstamatic or Oggl will be accepted. Photos shot or edited with other applications are not allowed. You can find more information about all of this on the Hipstography FAQ-page.



There are three main categories highlighting the most beautiful creations of the year.

awards_2013_kipstakid_left"The Grand Prizes Awards" consist of 6 prizes: 3 awards will be presented for 3 combos (Monochrome Combo of the Year, Colour Combo of the Year and Creative Combo of the Year) and 3 awards will be going to 3 portfolios (Monochrome Portfolio of the Year, Colour Portfolio of the Year and Creative Portfolio of the Year).

"The Major Prizes Awards" will be given to 10 photos “of the Day”, in individual categories (Landscape of the Year, Living Moments of the Year, Street Photography of the Year, etc.).

And finally, there is "The Gear of the Year" award, which will be given for the best elements from Hipstamatic’s 2015 catalogue (Lens of the Year, Film of the Year, Flash of the Year and Pak of the Year).


The Award process

Firstly, there are the nominations; as of January 4th, the jury will be viewing the entirety of Hipstography’s 2015 publications and selecting ten from each category. The nominees will be announced around January 20th, by category.

Secondly, comes the voting: from January 20th the public will be asked to vote for their favourites from each category among these nominations. The results of this voting round will be added to a second round of jury votes in order to finally narrow it down to one winner per category.

The third stage is the actual Ceremony! This will take place at the beginning of February when there will be just one winner per category who will receive a Hipstography Award. We will also be carrying on the “Special Awards” tradition. If you missed last year’s ceremony, you can still catch it here.

The ball is now in your court… let the games commence and may the best photographers win!


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