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  • Combo #154 (Elisabetta Caocci)

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Robusta  Flash: off "The combo 'Melodie/Robusta' gives a vintage 'sixties style' to your photos. I use it in particular for photos on the beach and open spaces in sunlight. It gives a slightly 'scratched'...

    • Posted August 9, 2013
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  • ‘A city of Contrasts’ by Simon Heard

    Name: Simon Heard Hometown: Tamworth (England) Resides: Hong Kong Profession: Kindergarten English Teacher Hobbies: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Mountain Running at night, Hiking, Cycling, Photography/Hipstography Hipstographer Since: 2012 Year of Birth: 1986 Favorite Combo:  Melodie  +  Cano...

    • Posted August 3, 2013
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  • Combo #149 (Simon Heard)

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Blanko  Flash: off "The Melodie lens gives a small, subtle green vignette which turns purple when photographing in dark areas or at night. The blues in the image appear to soften down with a...

    • Posted July 31, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Shashinka Ichiban

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Alfred Infrared  Flash: off "Washington-Ex-soldier turned hactivest salutes the flag from McPhaeason Square, Washington DC in the winter of 2012. The Occupy DC movement had two camps, the upper camp, which consisted of older...

    • Posted June 27, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Elisabetta Caocci

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Robusta  Flash: off Using:  Oggl  "The Robusta film gives the photo a vintage look, with burnt edges and a slight desaturation. The Melodie lens in this photo brings out the colors, especially the greens...

    • Posted June 9, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Sakura Takahashi

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  D-Type Plate  Flash: off "What do you imagine, when someone asks about Tokyo? Skyscrapers? Crowded trains? Jutai? Nerd Culture? Actually, they are all real things, but just some of its parts, you can see...

    • Posted May 25, 2013
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  • Combo #116 (Richard Pelletier)

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Claunch 72 Monochrome  Flash:  Standard  "An iconoclast combo for those of you looking for cold, sharply contrasted black and white tones, achieved almost exclusively with the John S /BlacKeys Supergrain statement-making tandem. I discovered...

    • Posted April 30, 2013
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  • ‘On se retrouve seul’ by J.G. Park

    Name: J.G. Park Hometown: None (Military child) Resides: Columbia, Missouri Profession: Marketing Coordinator Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Crossword Puzzles Hipstographer since: 2011 Year of Birth: 1976 Favorite Combo:  Melodie   +   Blanko Freedom13  Favorite Lens:  Jane  Favorite Film:  Blanko...

    • Posted March 6, 2013
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  • Pic of the day by Lee Atwell

    Lens:  Melodie  Film: Ina's 1935 Flash: off "Melodie Lens has a beautiful way of intensifying greens. When red, orange or yellow are in the picture, it really allows those colors to 'pop' against the greens, as well....

    • Posted February 12, 2013
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  • Pic of the day by Alon Goldsmith

    Lens:  Melodie  Film:  Ina's 1982  Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X  "On Board" "I shot this from the hip at the Venice Skatepark. The sun was directly behind the skateboarder who only held the position for a few seconds....

    • Posted February 3, 2013
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