Combo #480 – Utopia (Sebastian Oskar Kroll)

By on August 1, 2016
Lens:  Florence (30%)  
Film:  Aristotle (35%) 
Exposure: +0.2 • Clarity: 15 • Definition: 10 • Vibrancy: +5 • Vignette: 0
(The combo can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)


"Utopia, consisting of the Florence lens paired with the Aristotle film, turned out to be a wonderfully clear and golden combo. The Florence lens, with its desaturated colour scheme and sunny highlights, bathes everything in a warm light. In order to make the colours a bit more natural, I toned down the lens to 30%. Aristotle is a high contrast black and white film, but a hidden feature in the Vibrancy settings allows you to add colour to it. I changed the Vibrancy to 5 and achieved a very special colour effect! To reduce the high contrast and HDR touch, I changed the film settings to 35%. Eliminating the vignette made the light more balanced and I also added a little more exposure. This combo feels precious and tangible and will add that final touch to your pictures."
Sebastian Oskar Kroll


This combo is available for download.
More information about this function can be found in this tutorial.

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This combo, Utopia, is part of The Lush Collection. More information about the second Hipstography collection can be found here.


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