Photo of the week by Tom Choinski

By on June 12, 2013
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Blanko Noir 
Using:  Oggl 

"Some Hipstographer's specialties are the results of their surroundings and what's available to them. For Annie Helmsworth of Alaska, it's her team of sled dogs. For Zet A. Jones, it's the streets of Dubai. For Tom Choinski, it's the world of the 'Boston Gay Mens Chorus': Tuxedoes, historic concert halls, pear-shaped middle-aged men performing questionable ballet. This image of rhinestone pumps adds 6 inches to our 6'6" percussionist as he performs a wild marimba duet with our version of 'Liberace' and a candelabra-covered grand piano."
Tom Choinski

This photo is part of the portfolio "Divas Unleashed!!!".

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