‘The Longest Day’ by Bill Newsinger

By on June 22, 2013

I already mentioned Bill Newsinger when "Memory Twenty Two" came out, a video made from 4 500 photos taken with the Tintype Snap Pak. The result was incredible... You can view it here for the first time or again.

Bill Newsinger has just republished a new video that is just as magical. Not all the shots were taken with Hipstamatic, but I still can't resist publishing it... I have asked Bill to explain a few explanations:

bill_newsinger_the_longest_day "This short film is a collection of images captured on my iPhone over the last year, starting on the longest day, 21st June 2012 to 2013. The routine was quite easy to maintain as I take lots of photos everyday. The hardest thing was choosing which one to use. I processed some of the photos with Snapseed and some other apps and others were shot with Hipstamatic. I created the 'music' using some percussion loops at 120 bpm to fit with the picture intervals, and made a 2 frames per second image sequence out of all of the shots using quicktime movie. You have to resize all of the photos first... I did mine at 1000x1000 pixels. Time now to think of a new project!"

The music used in Bill's videos is also his own work and available for free on soundcloud. Listen and marvel...


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