‘The Big Nothing – Used To’ by Marcus J. Hutchings

By on August 14, 2013

"I was asked to do a video for my friends 'The Big Nothing', but they wouldn't even tell me which song they wanted me to use. They also wanted as little input into the video as possible. Of course, this 'freedom' was completely paralyzing at first, as I had no ideas.

I then stumbled upon two videos that used the Hipstamatic Tintype SnapPak, Bill Newsinger's 'Memory Twenty Two' and Vituc's 'Chiaroscuro', and I fell a little in love with this tool. Retro filters are cute, fun, and are becoming horribly clichéd, sure, but the Tintype has something special about it– a sort of atmospheric other-worldliness. Really, this was the starting point. I then just roamed around, finding images that related to one another in some way, trying to stay true to the feeling of the song without being too literal.

I love time lapse, so I did a lot with the phone or pad locked-off and a headphone switch as a remote trigger. The sticker animation was done with printed-out image sequences, cut with scissors, pasted on to lamp posts, etc, with glue stick at 8fps. All of the sequences were simply compiled in After Effects and assembled in FCP, but all effects and looks were done 'in-camera'."
Marcus Hutchings


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