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  • 0126-Dale-Robertson-00
    Photo of the day by Dale Robertson

    Lens:  Le Allan  Film:  Djamma  Flash:  Standard  "Tranquil" Dale Robertson  

    • Posted January 26, 2021
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  • 0121-Michel-de-Veld-00
    Photo of the day by Michel de Veld

    Lens:  Le Allan  Film:  Djamma  Flash:  Standard  "Reflection" Michel de Veld  

    • Posted January 21, 2021
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  • 0223-Michel-de-Veld-00
    Photo of the day by Michel de Veld

    Lens:  Le Allan  Film:  Djamma  Flash:  Standard  "Rotterdam, Overschie" Michel de Veld  

    • Posted February 23, 2020
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  • 0622-Arindam-Sen-00
    Photo of the day by Arindam Sen

    Lens:  Le Allan (40%)  Film:  Bream  Flash:  Triple Crown (42%)  Exposure: -0.2 • RGB: modified • Vignette: 37 "This photo was taken in a bathing ghat of the Ganges river, in a place called Ahiritola in Kolkata,...

    • Posted June 22, 2017
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  • 0430-Lydia-Cassatt-00
    Photo of the day by Lydia Cassatt

    Lens:  Le Allan  Film:  C-Type Plate  Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X  "I have been photographing this marvelous tree for five years now. It is on the Big Island of Hawaii and the only clue as to it's age,...

    • Posted April 30, 2016
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  • 0106-Allan-Bedford-00
    Photo of the day by Allan Bedford

    Lens:  Le Allan  Film:  Blanko Bl4  Flash: off "This image was taken on Saturday Jan 3, 2015, on Queen street West in Toronto. I decided to go out for a photo walk, to test the new Toronto...

    • Posted January 6, 2015
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  • toronto-00
    The Toronto HipstaPak

    Hipstamatic has started 2015 off with a new Pak, the Toronto HipstaPak, with a new lens, Le Allan, a new black-and-white film, Le Queen West and… get this… 3 flashes! Fans of Classic couldn’t ask for anything...

    • Posted January 2, 2015
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